Night Lighting

Night lighting, also called accent lighting, is the installation of lights within, under and surrounding your pond or backyard waterfall feature. Accent lighting creates a dramatic effect at night so you can fully enjoy your backyard paradise all day and night long. Most times, night lighting is the final touch on a waterfall that empties into a koi pond, swimming pool or river rocks – as in the case of a pondless waterfall.

Within our portfolio gallery, you’ll find a few shots of client projects depicting pond night lighting or accent lighting. Night lighting installation, as with all other services and features for your outdoor pond, is performed by Outdoor Magic. Throughout the New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ) and Connecticut (CT) area, Outdoor Magic’s full line of expert services, including pond design, pond installation, pond maintenance, pond improvements, pondless waterfalls, backyard streams, koi fish, night lighting, aquatic plants, landscaping and hardscaping is unmatched by any other pond installation contractor.

We’ll work with you to achieve the perfect pond lighting effect in your backyard or koi pond. Whether a new pond project or for your existing outdoor pond in NY, NJ or CT, call us at (845) 398-2116 to see how we can help you achieve the night lighting effect you’ve always dreamed of.