Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Outdoor Magic watergarden and its competitors’?

An Outdoor Magic watergarden is a custom design and build. We believe watergardens should be unique and very natural looking. Great care goes into assuring that our watergardens achieve this look. In addition, our pumps and filters are far superior – helping to keep the water crystal clear!

Most of our competitors use pre-fabricated ‘kits’. It’s nearly impossible to make these kits look natural or of high quality. Also, the filtration is inadequate at best, which usually makes the water quality very poor. To be completely honest, we know that we design and build the best-looking, custom watergardens available. That’s why we encourage you to stop by and visit our display gardens in Blauvelt, NY. Call John Dillon at (845) 398-2116 to schedule a quick appointment.

What does an Outdoor Magic watergarden cost?

What is a ‘pondless waterfall’?

How deep does my pond need to be?

What happens to the fish over winter?

What if I am not around to feed my fish?

How much maintenance is required to keep my watergarden looking good?

What if I don’t want to do the maintenance myself?

Do I need an ultra violet (UV) light?

What is the difference between a watergarden and koi pond?

John, we came out and saw your work and loved it, but to save a few dollars we hired one of your competitors. They installed a kit pond that looks terrible! Can you fix it for us?