Aquatic Plants

The terms “aquatic plants” and “pond plants” represent a wide range of plants growing in several habitats. Outdoor Magic, which services the tri-state area (NY, NJ and CT) works with clients to choose the best aquatic plants for their specific outdoor pond, based on pond depth and client preference.

Some aquatic plants grow in deep water. Lotus and Water Lilies (Deep Water Plants) are the most famous of this pond plant group. Others grow in the shallower margins (Marginal Plants) of the pond. Many pond plants like the growing conditions in the moist bogs (Bog Plants) on the rim of the pond and another group grows completely submerged in the pond water (Submersed or Oxygenating Plants). Still others just float on the surface of the pond (Floating Plants) and need not be rooted in anything at all. These plants are all important to the natural balance of the garden pond.

Deep Water Plants include Lotus and Water Lilies. These pond plants bloom profusely when fertilized with adequate amounts of aquatic plant fertilizer (safe for koi fish) and are available in many colors and sizes. Water Lilies are available in hardy and tropical varieties.

Marginal Plants encompass a vast variety of Pond Plants that include such well-known species as cattails. Marginal pond plants grow in two to twelve inches of water depending on variety and size.

Bog Plants grow in the constantly moist, but not totally submerged areas around the rim of the pond.

Oxygenating Plants grow totally submerged and perform the important functions of competing with algae for nutrients in the pond and providing cover and spawning grounds for pond fish.

Floating Plants such as Water Hyacinths and Water Lettuce provide fast shade and cover for the pond surface.

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