With both a pond installation crew and a pond maintenance crew, we are able to handle any and all of your water gardening needs!

Additionally, John Dillon has vast experience in pond filtration, aquatic plants and koi fish health. Should one of your prized fish become ill, we have the experience and knowledge to take care of it. Outdoor Magic Inc. takes great pride in its work, and makes complete client satisfaction its top priority. Outdoor Magic Inc. has also completed all of the landscaping, hardscaping and night lighting seen in all of our photos. Imagine, one company that can bring your backyard pond and landscape dreams to life and maintain them – like magic.

While Outdoor Magic specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of water gardens and koi fish ponds, many of our clients have asked us to re-landscape or install lighting or patios around thier homes after seeing the job we’ve done for others around their ponds.

The following is a list of our services and brief descriptions: (click each for more information)

Whether we are doing the install, or you want to do it yourself, we design first class ponds with all the necessary equipment.

With over 250 full-scale pond projects completed, this is where we really shine. The water gardens we install have graced the yards of some of the finest homes in the area.

From Spring cleanouts and start-ups, weekly or bi-weekly, regularly scheduled visits to clean filters, pumps, and check water quality to fall time closings, we do it all. We also offer koi health advice services, where we can come out to your pond and diagnose and treat any ill fish.

From time to time, pumps, filters and UV lights fail and need to be replaced. We are available to fix and/or replace any equipment or landscape issues you

Whether around your pond, or around your home, landscaping is another facet of design and installation in which Outdoor Magic excels. From our broad knowledge of trees, plants, and perennials to our Japanese flair, the landscaping throughout and surrounding your pond is our passion.

Certain backyards layouts work very well for long streams that offer the ability to create small waterfalls along the way. Some clients prefer these in their front yards as well.

We can even design and install pond that spill over into your swimming pool! The effect of this type of waterfall is very dramatic and creates a

For those who are not interested in koi fish, maintenance or have safety concerns about a body of water near their home, pondless waterfalls are a great solution. They offer the calming sound of falling water into a bed of stone, as opposed to pond.

A general term for ponds or waterfalls, water gardens encompass all of the features of a pond, including the landscaping, night lighting and other optional features that create a client’s dream backyard.

We go out and find the right fish for your pond, whether they’re pond quality fish (Hikari) or Japanese import Sho Koi.

Clients have the option to incorporate beautiful koi fish into their ponds. These types of ponds are built with slightly different depth specifications and filtration systems, aquatic plants, etc.

We can come out to your pond to diagnose and treat any ill fish.

Click for a sampling of our koi products, including food, medicine, etc.

There are a multitude of pond filtration systems that we use when building our top-quality ponds. Click for a sampling of our filtration products.

Click for a sampling of our pond products, including pumps, filters, etc.

We can incorporate any aquatics you choose, and install them into your pond.

Walkways, patios, stonewalls, and the like… we craft them all to your specifications.

The final touch! Your paradise doesn’t end with the setting sun… it’s just the beginning.