Koi Pond Design & Installation

Koi fish ponds are our favorite outdoor water feature to build! Our expertise is in creating serene watergardens and ponds with cascading waterfalls that are best suited for koi fish in New York (NY), New Jersey (NJ), and Connecticut (CT). Inspired by the lush gardens and tranquil ponds seen across Japan, Outdoor Magic designs, installs and maintains koi fish ponds throughout the tri-state area. We also offer koi health advice services where we can diagnose and treat any koi that may become ill.

The difference between building a koi pond and a pond where fish will not be incorporated into the landscape is in the depth of the pond and equipment used during installation. A koi pond is built when the customer wants the koi fish to be the most important element within their pond environment. Usually, the landscaping around this type of pond is minimal and there are no aquatic plants. The pond’s filtration system is different and much more complex to address fish waste, and the pond is usually deeper to allow the koi to reach their maximum growth potential.

For answers to some common questions about koi ponds and koi fish themselves, take a look at our FAQs page, where we address concerns such as optimum pond depth for koi, what happens to koi over the winter, and feeding.