Pond Filtration Systems

Outdoor ponds require solid water filtration systems. At Outdoor Magic, we’ll select the right filter system in order to keep the pond clear and healthy. This is especially important if you have koi fish in your pond. A pond filtration system prevents the water from becoming murky so that you can admire your fish. A pond without a filter system installed can become poisonous to your fish. The tiny, organic, decomposing substances within the water cause it to become unkempt and emit an unpleasant odor.

The type of pond filtration system depends on whether you want to have fish, the breeds of fish and number of plants as well as the size of the pond. Pond filters allow you to have a constant stream of clean cleaner water by trapping and growing solid bacteria, which aids in maintaining a proper pH level. Bear in mind the larger the area that traps and grows these solid bacteria the greater your pond will be. To encourage a well functioning balance in the eco-system of your pond water, pond pumps are a must.

Submersible pond filters are highly versatile, as there are so many different filtration modes. These modes include mechanical, chemical or biological. They are good for cleaning a pond and are beneficial in other ways as a water-filtering element, such as for waterfalls.

Outdoor Magic will select the right filter system for your specific pond size and needs. Whether you’re in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, call us today at to discuss your pond project or pond improvements.