Pond Design

Whether you’re interested in installing your outdoor pond yourself or having Outdoor Magic complete your entire custom pond project, we offer premium pond design services in NY, NJ and CT so the project is designed to your exact specifications and optimum pond depth, allowing for the proper landscaping and other optional environmental elements, such as accent/night lighting, koi fish, etc.

First, we provide estimates at no cost. Then, we work with you to design the outdoor pond of your dreams for your front yard or backyard. We recommend the right equipment, such as filters and pumps based on the size of your pond and the elements you’d like to incorporate like aquatic plants or koi fish.

Pond Installation

Pond construction and installation is an area where Outdoor Magic really shines in NY, NJ and CT! Each and every pond we install is done with care, precision and is always a custom job. We never use pond ‘kits’ because we believe in constructing outdoor ponds the right way for the most natural and seamless fit within your environmental landscape. When it comes to constructing and installing your dream water garden or pond, we are the tri-state area’s experts.

Not only do we install ponds and other backyard water features, we also complete all landscaping, hardscaping, and accent lighting, which makes Outdoor Magic a truly full-service pond design and installation company. No detail is overlooked when you choose Outdoor Magic for your outdoor pond construction. Call us to complete your project anywhere in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.